Aces High

For my first blog post (ever!!) I decided to write about Iron Maiden.


For those of you who don’t know, Iron Maiden has six members;

  1. Bruce Dickinson- vocals, world renowned swordsman, pilot for the bands plane
  2. Dave Murray- guitar
  3. Janick Gers- guitar
  4. Steve Harris- bass
  5. Adrian Smith- guitar
  6. Nicko McBrain- drums

Iron Maiden has been around since about 1975 and since then the band has released 15 studio albums (of which I have all but one,) and every single one is epic in its own way.  They have a bunch of live albums and best of albums, but I’m not really going to get into those.  The band really started catching a lot of attention when Bruce Dickinson (former Samson vocalist) joined the band and they released The Number of the Beast in 1982.

That album was the start of the Iron Maiden that most people know and love today.  The first two albums Iron Maiden and Killers with Paul Di’Anno on vocals are great of course, but they’re not exactly my favorite.  Same with the albums with Blaze Bayley.  To me Blaze Bayley is to Iron Maiden what Gary Cherone was to Van Halen, not the best combination.  But that’s just my opinion.

If you like epic lyrics that describe war as if you were in the battle, mystical powers and religious phenomena, assassins, the world ending, or power and greed, then you should really be listening to Iron Maiden.  Some of their songs have even been on video games like Madden NFL 10.  A lot of the lyrics are written so well that it’s hard to imagine that they didn’t take them from a book, take for example this excerpt from the song Moonchild:

The twins they are exhausted, seven is this night
Gemini is rising as the red lips kiss to bite
Seven angels seven demons battle for his soul
When Gabriel lies sleeping, this child was born to die

The lyrics aren’t the only part of the song that tells a story, the instrumental music is written so well that it seems to tell parts of the story that the lyrics cant express.  For instance in Mother Russia the guitars play Russian sounding riffs, or in Powerslave the guitars sound Egyptian!  The band writes music so well it’s mind blowing.

I’ve never gotten to see Iron Maiden in concert, but I’ve watched a lot of their concerts on DVD and they have an awesome stage presence.  Bruce Dickinson is always running around the stage waving British flags or dressed up in some awesome uniform that has to do with whatever song their playing.  All the guitarists are running around shredding their heads off while Steve Harris is blowing everyone away with triplets and amazing bass lines.  He is hands down one of the best bassists the genre has ever seen.  Niko McBrain is a great drummer as well and even though he is sitting behind his kit, he even has a stage presence through his technique.  Plus, you know the giant robotic Eddie that walks around stage is pretty damn awesome too!

This band has definitely set the standard for metal and has undoubtedly influenced music as a whole with everything they have ever written.

Here are some links!
Paschendale (My favorite Iron Maiden song)

Still Life:

And just because it’s well known here’s The Trooper:

Now go listen to some Iron Maiden and witness the sheer power of metal!


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