Sinner’s Swing

Time to blog about Van Halen’s fourth album Fair Warning!

Fair Warning came out in 1981, this was one of the band’s slower selling albums, although I’m not sure why because it’s so f****** awesome.  However, interestingly enough this album was part of Esquire Magazine’s “75 Albums Every Man Should Own.”  So, if you don’t own this, tough luck brah.

This was also the album where if you listen really hard you can tell that Dave and Eddie are starting to butt heads.  The styles of Dave and Eddie really started to differ around this time and they would only release two more albums before splitting.

The song line up is:

  1. Mean Street
  2. Dirty Movies
  3. Sinner’s Swing
  4. Hear About it Later
  5. Unchained
  6. Push Come to Shove
  7. So This is Love?
  8. Sunday Afternoon in the Park
  9. One Foot Out the Door

I’m gonna go ahead and talk about Diver Down as well because why not…

Diver Down was released in 1982 this is the fifth album in the Van Halen saga.

Alright, so I know a few fun facts about this album.  For instance the back of the album is a picture from when they opened for The Rolling Stones.  The reason for the album cover being the diver down flag is not just because the album is called Diver Down, but it is a message that says things may not always be as they seem (pertaining to the band of course.)  The whole reason for the song Intruder was so they would have enough time in the music video for (Oh) Pretty Woman.  Eddie and Alex’s father plays the clarinet on the song Big Bad Bill.  The music video for (Oh) Pretty Woman was banned from MTV for a while haha, oh Dave…

The track listing goes like this:

  1. Where Have All The Good Times Gone?*
  2. Hang ‘Em High
  3. Cathedral
  4. Secrets
  5. Intruder
  6. (Oh) Pretty Woman*
  7. Dancing in the Street*
  8. Little Guitars (intro)
  9. Little Guitars
  10. Big Bad Bill (Is Sweet William Now)
  11. The Full Bug
  12. Happy Trails*

Five out of twelve songs on this album are covers by the way… Hmm, lemme go back and put asterisks at the end of the covers. …Okay, well I got four out of five marked… I think Hang ‘Em High might be the other one, but I’m not sure.

BY THE WAY the link on pretty woman takes you to the music video, just because I loooove you.

Hope you enjoyed another blog from me, Happy Thanksgiving.


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