Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love

I’m finally doing Van Halen.  Woooooooooo.


However, I’m going to break it up by album.  So firstly, let us begin with a journey through the early years and the first Van Halen.

Eddie Van Halen and Alex Van Halen were born in Nijmegen, Netherlands and moved to Pasadena California.  When they were kids Eddie started out on the drums and Alex started on guitar, but after sibling rivalry, they ended up switching instruments.

Skip forward some odd years and we have Mammoth.  This was Van Halen before it was Van Halen… if you get what I mean.  But after realizing there was a band in England with the same name, they switched to Van Halen.  David Lee Roth was actually the one who suggested that they rename the band Van Halen.

They started out playing backyard parties and other small time shows, but when the crowds for their backyard shows stretched into the streets, they figured it might be time for a change.

This is when they let Mark Stone go for the reason of, “different interests” and brought in Michael Anthony.  At this point, the line up is:

David Lee Roth: Vocals

Eddie Van Halen: Guitar

Michael Anthony: Bass

Alex Van Halen: Drums

Now, for the moment you’ve been waiting for! Van Halen (the self-titled first album,) came out in 1978.  (Along with a lot of other great albums.) This hell of an album sold over TEN MILLION COPIES WORLD WIDE. Goooooo figure haha.

The cover consists of a picture of all four of the members playing a show at the Whisky a Go Go, which is a club/bar thing in California where they were the house band for a while.  (Other bands such as The Doors have played there as well.)

The track listing is:

All these songs are awesome.  Seriously epic.  They’re fun as hell to play too.  When I say “tapping” what do you envision? Well you SHOULD be thinking about Eruption.  Or Eddie.  Either one is fine, but only one will get you full credit herp derp.

I can play the first four songs pretty well. It was my mission at one point to learn the entire album, but life gets in the way.

Overall, I think this album changed music.  I think each member of this band changed music.  They’ve inspired other bands such as Bullet Boys and other 80’s bands such as that.  If you haven’t heard this album you are seriously slacking.  You cant call yourself a lover of rock n roll without, well, loving this album.

It is now your mission to go and listen to this album before the Wednesday.

Now go my children and spread the rock!

P.S. Oh! I almost forgot!  Check this out hahaha it’s from the new South Park, yes it has to do with Van Halen.