Sinner’s Swing

Time to blog about Van Halen’s fourth album Fair Warning!

Fair Warning came out in 1981, this was one of the band’s slower selling albums, although I’m not sure why because it’s so f****** awesome.  However, interestingly enough this album was part of Esquire Magazine’s “75 Albums Every Man Should Own.”  So, if you don’t own this, tough luck brah.

This was also the album where if you listen really hard you can tell that Dave and Eddie are starting to butt heads.  The styles of Dave and Eddie really started to differ around this time and they would only release two more albums before splitting.

The song line up is:

  1. Mean Street
  2. Dirty Movies
  3. Sinner’s Swing
  4. Hear About it Later
  5. Unchained
  6. Push Come to Shove
  7. So This is Love?
  8. Sunday Afternoon in the Park
  9. One Foot Out the Door

I’m gonna go ahead and talk about Diver Down as well because why not…

Diver Down was released in 1982 this is the fifth album in the Van Halen saga.

Alright, so I know a few fun facts about this album.  For instance the back of the album is a picture from when they opened for The Rolling Stones.  The reason for the album cover being the diver down flag is not just because the album is called Diver Down, but it is a message that says things may not always be as they seem (pertaining to the band of course.)  The whole reason for the song Intruder was so they would have enough time in the music video for (Oh) Pretty Woman.  Eddie and Alex’s father plays the clarinet on the song Big Bad Bill.  The music video for (Oh) Pretty Woman was banned from MTV for a while haha, oh Dave…

The track listing goes like this:

  1. Where Have All The Good Times Gone?*
  2. Hang ‘Em High
  3. Cathedral
  4. Secrets
  5. Intruder
  6. (Oh) Pretty Woman*
  7. Dancing in the Street*
  8. Little Guitars (intro)
  9. Little Guitars
  10. Big Bad Bill (Is Sweet William Now)
  11. The Full Bug
  12. Happy Trails*

Five out of twelve songs on this album are covers by the way… Hmm, lemme go back and put asterisks at the end of the covers. …Okay, well I got four out of five marked… I think Hang ‘Em High might be the other one, but I’m not sure.

BY THE WAY the link on pretty woman takes you to the music video, just because I loooove you.

Hope you enjoyed another blog from me, Happy Thanksgiving.


Take Your Whiskey Home

Women and Children First is Van Halen’s third album.  It came out in 1980.  What a great way to start off the 80’s if I do say so myself.


Song List

  1. And the Cradle Will Rock…
  2. Everybody Wants Some
  3. Fools
  4. Romeo Delight
  5. Tora! Tora!
  6. Loss of Control
  7. Take Your Whiskey Home
  8. Could This Be Magic?
  9. In a Simple Rhyme
  10. Growth*

*Growth is a hidden track. It has something to do with the next album Fair Warning, but honestly I’m not sure what.  It either comes in at the beginning of the album, or some other song.  I don’t know because although I have most of the albums, but NO DAMN RECORD PLAYER TO PLAY IT ON.

Yes David Lee Roth is still with the group at this point.  Overall this is a pretty solid album, there are a lot of good songs on it, I can’t name a bad song honestly.  Songs from the album like Everybody Wants Some are featured in movies.  I think Everybody Wants Some also has a music video (I couldn’t find it on youtube 😦 .)  But yes it’s cheesy. It was the 80’s haha.

The album also came with a poster of… David Lee Roth chained to a fence… Yeah I don’t know what that’s all about, but it’s 80’s haha.

Honestly, there isn’t much to say about this album, but at the same time I don’t want to underplay how great it is.  I mean, it’s really awesome, but there aren’t really any cool things I can share. I give it a 7 out of 10.  I think you should go listen to it as well.

You’re No Good

Time to cover Van Halen II!


(Yes, in the picture above Alex’s drum sticks are on fire.  He also had a flaming gong.)

Van Halen II was released in 1979, only a year after they released their first album. The album reached number six on the charts. This album includes the songs:

  1. You’re No Good
  2. Dance the Night Away
  3. Somebody Get Me a Doctor
  4. Bottoms Up!
  5. Outta Love Again
  6. Light Up The Sky
  7. Spanish Fly
  8. D.O.A.
  9. Women In Love
  10. Beautiful Girls

BY THE WAY: If anyone reading this or any of my past posts haven’t noticed, I try to include links in the songs, so click the colored song titles and it will take you to Youtube.  In past posts I think I’ve just included links at the bottom of the post.

Overall, this album is a great album!  Some fun facts about this album are, David Lee Roth is shown in a cast because apparently he broke his foot jumping off the stage and landing on the microphone stand (womp womp.)  Another, not so fun, but interesting nonetheless, fact is that the guitar on the back of the album is buried with Dimebag Darrell.  Also, in the United States the album went 5X Platinum!

My favorite song off his album is either You’re No Good, Beautiful Girls, Women In Love, or Spanish Fly.

Spanish Fly is another solo that is a little like Eruption, but it is played on a classical guitar instead of electric.  And yes, he KILLS IT. Can you guess what the song Beautiful Girls is about? I bet you caaaaaan.  Here’s an excerpt if you cant:

“Here I am, ain’t no man of the world, no
All I need is a beautiful girl
Yeah! Beautiful girl
Come this way, baby

Sit down right here
Ooh, la la
Think I’ve got it now”

Women In Love is about a one night stand and woman.  It’s a cover apparently, which I actually didn’t know, but whatever, if you think about it, Van Halen is kind of like Zeppelin, in that when they cover a song you initially think that they wrote the song.

You’re No Good is the song you want to hear after you break up with a woman.

“Used to be I couldn’t sleep at night, baby
Now you go on an’ do what you want to”

So yeah, there you go.  I feel like this album did a lot for the overall feel that 80’s music would bring.  Then again, I don’t think the 80’s would have really existed without the feel good and in your face attitude that Van Halen ushered in.

Your homework is now to listen to the album. GO GO GO GO GO.

Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love

I’m finally doing Van Halen.  Woooooooooo.


However, I’m going to break it up by album.  So firstly, let us begin with a journey through the early years and the first Van Halen.

Eddie Van Halen and Alex Van Halen were born in Nijmegen, Netherlands and moved to Pasadena California.  When they were kids Eddie started out on the drums and Alex started on guitar, but after sibling rivalry, they ended up switching instruments.

Skip forward some odd years and we have Mammoth.  This was Van Halen before it was Van Halen… if you get what I mean.  But after realizing there was a band in England with the same name, they switched to Van Halen.  David Lee Roth was actually the one who suggested that they rename the band Van Halen.

They started out playing backyard parties and other small time shows, but when the crowds for their backyard shows stretched into the streets, they figured it might be time for a change.

This is when they let Mark Stone go for the reason of, “different interests” and brought in Michael Anthony.  At this point, the line up is:

David Lee Roth: Vocals

Eddie Van Halen: Guitar

Michael Anthony: Bass

Alex Van Halen: Drums

Now, for the moment you’ve been waiting for! Van Halen (the self-titled first album,) came out in 1978.  (Along with a lot of other great albums.) This hell of an album sold over TEN MILLION COPIES WORLD WIDE. Goooooo figure haha.

The cover consists of a picture of all four of the members playing a show at the Whisky a Go Go, which is a club/bar thing in California where they were the house band for a while.  (Other bands such as The Doors have played there as well.)

The track listing is:

All these songs are awesome.  Seriously epic.  They’re fun as hell to play too.  When I say “tapping” what do you envision? Well you SHOULD be thinking about Eruption.  Or Eddie.  Either one is fine, but only one will get you full credit herp derp.

I can play the first four songs pretty well. It was my mission at one point to learn the entire album, but life gets in the way.

Overall, I think this album changed music.  I think each member of this band changed music.  They’ve inspired other bands such as Bullet Boys and other 80’s bands such as that.  If you haven’t heard this album you are seriously slacking.  You cant call yourself a lover of rock n roll without, well, loving this album.

It is now your mission to go and listen to this album before the Wednesday.

Now go my children and spread the rock!

P.S. Oh! I almost forgot!  Check this out hahaha it’s from the new South Park, yes it has to do with Van Halen.



Playlist of the Week

I have a little break from all the stuff I’ve had to finish over the past week or so, so I figured I’d make a quick blog post.

Here is what I’ve been listening to and am now designating The Playlist of the Weak.

1: Royal Orleans. (Led Zeppelin/Presence)

2: The Lotus Eater. (Opeth/Watershed)

3: Sick Again. (Led Zeppelin/Physical Graffiti)

4: All Along the Watchtower. (Jimi Hendrix/The Ultimate Experience)

5: Anything of Somewhere In Time by Iron Maiden

6: Black Napkins. (Frank Zappa/Zoot Allures)

7: Dopethrone. (Electric Wizard/Supercoven)

8: Funk Volume 2012. (Hopsin, Dizzy Wright, SwizZz, DJ Hoppa)

9: BU2B. (Rush/Clockwork Angels)

10: Dogs. (Animals/Pink Floyd)

11: Women In Love. (Van Halen/Van Halen II)

12: Dig. (Incubus/Light Grenades)

13: Under A Serpent Sun. (At The Gates/Slaughter of the Soul)

14: No Love Lost. (Carcass/Heartwork)

15: Burden. (Opeth/Watershead)

16: The Necromancer (Rush/Caress of Steel)

17: Drop Dead Legs. (Van Halen/1984)

18: Stairway To Heaven. (Led Zeppelin/Led Zeppelin IV)

19: Ram it Down. (Judas Priest/Living After Midnight)

20: Big Money. (Rush/Power Windows)